SpeakingTotalShit Show 3 – Will J.J Abrams Ruin Star Trek (more)

July 18, 2006

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In this episode Chris and Chino talk about the news (Via TVSquad) that J.J Abrams has signed a $60 million dollar development deal with Warner Bros. and Paramount (lucky bastard) and go on to discuss how Star Trek could be affected by Abram’s involvement. Also how Star Trek compares to Firefly/serenity, Battlestar, Babylon 5 and Star Wars.

All that plus the usual quota of total shit…


4 Responses to “SpeakingTotalShit Show 3 – Will J.J Abrams Ruin Star Trek (more)”

  1. Mark said

    Love the podcast, some provocotive points about 3rd gen sci fi. Will be tuning in regularly – keep up the good work guys!

  2. chookesy said

    what the that is so random but gud for sumone to know

  3. Mikel O.D. said

    Good show – enjoyed all your topics, although I’m not as big of a Star Trek fan as you guys are. I’ll be mentioning your podcast as part of Most People are DJs (MPAD#55)at http://www.mostpeoplearedjs.com.

  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone – Look forward to hearing the mention on Most People are DJs Mikel – we will give you a shout out to.

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